Welcome to the Maine Maple Producers Association

We provide this site to inform you of some of the wonderful things one can do with Maine maple syrup. We also have a large membership of maple producers. So please enjoy our site and come back often. 

We encourage you to check out the many different pages of our website.  Look up a sugarhouse in a town near you.  Find a recipe on our recipe page or learn where to buy our cookbook- Beyond Pancakes.  Learn about syrup grading and how to properly store Pure Maine Maple Syrup.  You will find our website easy to use and full of valuable information.  Feel free to contact our secretary if you have any question.



Maine Maple Syrup

Always Pure...........Always Natural..........Always loved..........

Enjoy the Natural Sweetness of Maine's Maple Syrup

Pure Maine maple syrup with a hint of the great north woods in it, has been brightening the flavor of fine, downeast food since long before the colonists arrived. Now, hundreds of years later, the quality is excellent, the degree of sweetness is fixed by law, and the uniquely delicious taste still varies as it always has. Sometimes the syrup is dark and rich, sometimes pale gold and delicate. It all depends on the soil and terrain, the wind and the weather, just like wine.


Maple Mania
MMPA would like to invite all sugarmakers and their families to the fourth annual Maple Mania to be held in Houlton, Maine.  This exciting event will be held from June 12-14 2014, and promises to be a great event for small and large producers.  On Thursday night will be a welcoming social.  Friday will be bus tours and a delightful banquet with more food than you can eat.  Saturday will bring a host of technical sessions geared for a variety of different sized sugarhouse.  By April 10th, we will have all forms available right here on the MMPA website to sign up and be a part of this exciting Maine event.

Maine Maple Sunday
MMPA estimates that between 75,000-100,000 people attended Maine Maple Sunday this spring.  With over 100 sugarhouses participating statewide, this event has grown to be one of the largest events in Maine each year.  Attendees were greeted with a cold weekend and a little snow on Saturday but most said they wouldn't miss this celebration of spring for anything.  When asked what was their favorite part of the day, the answers were varied.  Some said it was the music, others the sugarhouse tours.  Some come for the farm animals, some for the taste of the wonderful Maine Maple Syrup.  Whatever the reason, almost a hundred thousand people agreed on one thing.  We are glad mud season is finally here after this long cold winter.  

2014 Maple Syrup Contest Winners 
On January 9, 2014 the winners for the 2014 MMPA Maple Syrup Contest were announced.
Light amber= Merrifield Farm -1st place,  Springbreak Maple- 2nd place,  Kinney’s Maple- 3rd place,  
Medium amber= Hilltop Boilers-1st place, Scotts Maple- 2nd place,  Moonlight Maple-3rd place,  
Dark amber= Tim Chase -1st place, Kinney’s Sugarhouse- 2nd place, PM Larivierre- 3rd place,  
Extra Dark amber= Chandlers Sugar Shack- 1st place, Hilltop Boilers- 2nd place, Scotts Maple-3rd place,  
Best of Show= Merrifield Farm 

MMPA 2014 Annual Raffle
Congratulations to the winners of our 2014 Raffle.  The first place winner of a brand new Mason Evaporator is Crystal Ellis of New Vineyard.  She will be making some sweet maple syrup with that, in a short time.  The second place winner, winning 12 Quarts of Pure Maine Maple Syrup is -Richard O’Briens.  Finally, winning a a beautiful maple gift basket, for third place, is Nicholas Kjeldsgaard of Yarmouth.  Many thanks to all who support MMPA through raffle ticket sales in the past year.  This continues to be a great fundraiser for MMPA.

Why not join MMPA and support local sugarhouses in Maine?
MMPA holds its annual membership drive each year during the months of December and January.  However, with all of the benefits, becoming a member of MMPA is simply a great move any time of the year.  Just the advertising benefits alone are worth way more than the $25 annual dues.  Please open the drop down menu above and review all of the benefits of joining MMPA.  Applications should be mailed to:  MMPA, PO Box 93, Newfield, Maine 04056.  If you would like a digital copy of these forms or would like to be a new member, please email:  hilltopboilers@myfairpoint.net
MMPA growing Strong
Since 2008, MMPA has seen a steady growth in its membership.  We have gone from 108 sugarhouses statewide to around 190. This tremendous growth can be attributed to the hardworking leadership from all of the directors of MMPA.  Everyone has taken an active role in making this organization be one that is of great benefit, not only to sugarhouses around the state but to the public.  Tens of thousands of people visit our displays throughout the year and over a hundred thousand people will visit our website this year.  All of us at MMPA, are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to help you in any way we can.  We love the Pure Maine Maple Products that we represent.  We know you will too.