Buyer's Guide


evaporating Pure Maine maple syrup is made by boiling the sap of hard rock maple trees. It provides three times the sweetening power of cane sugar, and contains only 40 calories per tablespoon! All Maine maple syrup commercially sold is U.S. Grade A quality, as defined by Maine law. The syrup is further classified by flavor and color characteristics as light, medium, dark, or extra dark amber. The words "Maine Maple Syrup" may be used only for pure maple syrup that is produced in Maine.


Light Amber

A colored syrup that is most often made from the first, brief flows of the season. It has pronounced sweetness with a very delicate maple flavor.


Medium Amber

Medium Amber has a slightly darker amber color with a gentle but more pronounced maple flavor. This syrup is desirable for pancakes, waffles, French toast, and cereal and is a great all-purpose syrup.


Dark Amber

This syrup has a uniquely balanced maple sweetness that makes it a pleasing syrup for many consumers. Its characteristic flavoring makes it a favorite for cooking as well as a superb table syrup.


Extra Dark Amber

The most robust maple flavor used as a table grade, and makes a great ingredient in your cooking and used in your favorite recipes (baked beans.) Its hearty maple flavor and less pronounced sweetness are popular with many maple connoisseurs. Maine has a mandatory maple syrup grading law. Pure Maine maple syrup must adhere to some of the strictest standards for density, clarity, color, and flavor. Maple inspectors enforce these laws and assist producers in maintaining high standards and superior quality in their maple products.