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We provide this site to inform you of some of the wonderful things one can do with Maine maple syrup. We also have a large membership of maple producers. So please enjoy our site and come back often. 

We encourage you to check out the many different pages of our website.  Look up a sugarhouse in a town near you.  Find a recipe on our recipe page or learn where to buy our cookbook- Beyond Pancakes.  Learn about syrup grading and how to properly store Pure Maine Maple Syrup.  You will find our website easy to use and full of valuable information.  Feel free to contact our secretary if you have any question.



Maine Maple Syrup

Always Pure...........Always Natural..........Always loved..........

Enjoy the Natural Sweetness of Maine's Maple Syrup

Pure Maine maple syrup with a hint of the great north woods in it, has been brightening the flavor of fine, downeast food since long before the colonists arrived. Now, hundreds of years later, the quality is excellent, the degree of sweetness is fixed by law, and the uniquely delicious taste still varies as it always has. Sometimes the syrup is dark and rich, sometimes pale gold and delicate. It all depends on the soil and terrain, the wind and the weather, just like wine.


The Holidays are coming
The holidays are that magical time of the year when families come together and celebrate the meaning of the season.  With the Holidays come joy, love, peace, harmony, and the beauty of families creating life long memories.  Viewed through the eyes of a child, the Holidays are that wonderful time of the year when visits to Grammie's and Grampa's house bring showers of gifts and waiting for Santa to come is the highlight of the night.  Whether young or old, I would encourage you to visit your local sugarhouse, this Holiday season, and take home a sweet treat or two. Thanksgiving just wouldn't be the same without pecan pie made with Pure Maine Maple Syrup.  Imagine the looks on your childs face when they open their Christmas stocking and it contains a little box of Pure Maple Candies or a Maple Whoopie Pie.  Please visit our members page and find a sugarhouse near you!

Beautiful Fall Colors:
Trees respond to the decreasing amount of sunlight by producing less and less chlorophyll. Eventually, a tree stops producing chlorophyll. When that happens, the carotenoid already in the leaves can finally show through. The leaves become a bright rainbow of glowing yellows, sparkling oranges and warm browns. Perhaps you've noticed that in some years, the red fall colors seem brighter and more spectacular than in other years. The temperature and cloud cover can make a big difference in a tree's red colors from year to year.  When a number of warm, sunny autumn days and cool but not freezing nights come one after the other, it's going to be a good year for reds. In the daytime, the leaves can produce lots of sugar, but the cool night temperatures prevent the sugar sap from flowing through the leaf veins and down into the branches and trunk.  Researchers have found out that anthocyanins are produced as a form of protection. They allow the plant to recover nutrients in the leaves before they fall off. This helps make sure that the tree will be ready for the next growing season. Anthocyanins give leaves their bright, brilliant shades of red, purple and crimson.  from: Environmental Education for kids

Inviting all Sugarmakers
The Fall Potluck Supper at the Farmington Fair Sugarhouse has been scheduled for October 24, 2015 at 5PM at the sugarhouse on the Farmington Fairgrounds.  Sugarmakers from anywhere in Maine are invited to this evening of fun, food, and fellowship.  Come and talk with other sugarmakers and see the many changes that have taken place at the Farmington Fairgound Sugarhouse.  For more details, call Ron LaRue at 293-2831.  Bring a dish and have a great time!  We hope to see you there.

Sugaring Season 2015!
March was a month of slow sap runs and many days when the sap didn't run at all.  The first week in April brought the perfect weather for numerous days with temperatures freezing at night and into the 40F's during the day.  April brought huge sap flows to most of Maine.  Central and northern Maine were able to make syrup through much of April.  As May is here now, most nothern Maine producers finished their season in the first week or two of the month.  Production across the state was good overall with some areas having really good seasons and others slightly below average.  In June, NASS statistics will come out and tell the exact picture of the 2015 season.  

2015 Maple Syrup Contest Winners-
Congratulations to the following sugarhouses for their outstanding maple syrup, judged by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry.  

Best in Class 
Hilltop Boilers LLC - Grade A:  Golden Color/ Delicate Flavor

Grade A:  Golden Color/ Delicate Flavor
1st Place- Hilltop Boilers LLC     2nd Place-  PM Larivierre

Grade A:  Amber Color/ Rich Flavor
 1st Place-  Jillson Farm      2nd Place- Springbreak Maple       3rd Place-  Hilltop Boilers LLC
Grade A:  Dark Color/ Robust Flavor
1st Place- Hilltop Boilers LLC        2nd Place- Springbreak Maple        3rd Place- Kinney's Sugarhouse

Grade A:  Very Dark Color/ Strong Flavor
1st Place- Hilltop Boilers LLC         2nd Place- Moonlight Maple      3rd Place-  PM Larivierre

Why not join MMPA and support local sugarhouses in Maine?
MMPA holds its annual membership drive each year during the months of December and January.  However, with all of the benefits, becoming a member of MMPA is simply a great move any time of the year.  Just the advertising benefits alone are worth way more than the $45 annual dues.  Please open the drop down menu above and review all of the benefits of joining MMPA.  Applications should be mailed to:  Gaylene Cooper, 81 Chute Road, Windham, Maine,  04062.  If you would like a digital copy of these forms or would like to be a new member, please email:  hilltopboilers@myfairpoint.net