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We provide this site to inform you of some of the wonderful things one can do with Maine maple syrup. We also have a large membership of maple producers. So please enjoy our site and come back often.

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Enjoy the Natural Sweetness of Maine's Maple Syrup

Pure Maine maple syrup with a hint of the great north woods in it, has been brightening the flavor of fine, downeast food since long before the colonists arrived. Now, hundreds of years later, the quality is excellent, the degree of sweetness is fixed by law, and the uniquely delicious taste still varies as it always has. Sometimes the syrup is dark and rich, sometimes pale gold and delicate. It all depends on the soil and terrain, the wind and the weather, just like wine.


Maple Moments
Each monthly meeting of MMPA is started with a technical session, called Maple Moments, led by Eric Ellis of Maine Maple Products.  These sessions last any where from 15 minutes to an hour and are full of practical information with a maple theme. Eric is well known for his vast knowledge in the maple industry and has an extensive background in both large and small syrup production.  Last month he bought a lesson on making granulated maple sugar, this month it was an analysis of NASS statistics.  Anyone wanting to learn more about the maple industry can glean so much from Eric's knowledge.  

2010 Maine Maple Statistics
New England Agricultural Statistics Survey has come out with their 2010 maple report, in June, as they do each year.  Vermont once again led all maple producing states with 890,000 gallons produced.  New York is in second place with 312,000 gallons produced and Maine is third with 310,000 gallons produced.  Maine's production was determined to be more than New York for 2009, until New York adjusted their statistics upward putting them ahead of Maine.  Overall, nationwide production was down about 19% and valued at 90.8 million dollars.  Maine's production for 2009 was valued at 12.9 million.  Producers in Maine tapped slightly fewer trees this year than last, with a total of 1.43 million taps, yielding on average .217 gallons per tap.  Most producers found the weather to be too warm this year. 

Meeting Change
There will be no monthly directors meeting on Thursday, August 5th because of the summer picnic meeting schedule two days later for August 7th.  Please read below for more information.

You are invited
The directors of SMMSA and MMPA are joining together and hosting an all day event on August 7th at the Cumberland Fairgrounds.  The day will begin at 9:00 AM and will end around 4:30 PM.  Speakers from the Proctor Maple Research Center will lead two technical sessions in the morning.  Lunch will be served around noon time.  Each association will hold their business meeting in the afternoon so that members from each group can learn more about the function of the other.  Everyone is invited to attend, member or not.  Please call Lyle Merrifield to RSVP and for more information at 892-5061.

Our work with Proctor Maple Research Center
The directors of MMPA are committed to working with world renown research facilities to continue their work in areas of maple research.  From the tree to the table, Proctor Maple is searching for such technological improvements.   Recently the director of this center, Tim Perkins, wrote MMPA:  "Thank you for your generous gift to the University of Vermont Proctor Maple Research Center.  We gratefully appreciate your support and interest of those in the maple industry......"


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